Dental Care:  Our facility offers on-site, weekly dental care by a licensed dentist, with in-room visits.

Podiatry:  We offer on-site podiatrist visits to our residents weekly, with in-room visits.

Ophthalmology:  We offer on-site ophthalmology visits to our residents weekly, with in-room visits.

Services for the hearing impaired:  Hearing aide testing, assistance and monitoring from our facility sub-contractor is offered to our residents on a weekly basis with in-room visits.

Hair Salon / Beauty Shop:  We have an on-site, wheelchair accessible salon offering a variety of beauty services to our residents at a minimal cost including:  haircuts, shampoos and sets, permanents and hair color.

Our Admissions Office focuses on providing a smooth admission procedure, and our Business office is available daily to assist with all financial issues and concerns.  For a free consultation and tour, please call the Admissions Office at (203) 384-6504, Monday – Friday, 8:30 – 5:00 pm to set up an appointment that is convenient for you.