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Making decisions for a loved one about the right path to choose when health and memory issues occur can seem overwhelming to even the most informed people. At Bridgeport Health Care Center, Inc., we have many years of experience providing the very best in short term, long term, respite, restorative, and rehabilitative services to the Connecticut area. We offer a number of choices for care that are geared for specific needs.

Our comprehensive treatment programs are designed to respect the dignity and realize the full potential of each resident.

Our vision of individualized care is to foster independence, emotional welfare, and physical well being. Bridgeport Health Care Center offers each resident the opportunity for community and self-reliance to the greatest extent possible. At Bridgeport Health Care Center, commitment and dedication to our residents has created a focused and skilled rehabilitation and restoration team. Nursing staff trained in caring for orthopedic and neurosurgical patients, and aggressive Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapists and aides work on the specialized Rehab area.

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